Morningstar Investment Research Center is one of the investments databases available for members of the Alameda County Library System.   Access Morningstar by going to, then click on the bullet entry Business & Investments under the options in the Research Guide.  Once you have clicked on Business & Investments, click on the bullet labeled Investments, and then click the Morningstar option.  This database contains Morningstar’s premier content, including independent opinions on stocks and mutual funds, as well as screeners and a Portfolio X-Ray to help you make solid investment decisions.  (Note that your library card account number will be needed to access this database from home.)


In response to a recent survey of customer requests, Morningstar has now made it possible to export from Morningstar financial statements and daily price histories into an Excel spreadsheet! 


For example, you choose a Financial Statement /Income Statement for a Stock Name, such as Hormel Foods Corporation.  Then you will click on the link labeled Export to Excel in the lower right corner of the Income Statement and you can open up an Excel spreadsheet (in my case a 10-year income statement) for the corporation of interest. 


On Wednesday, April 29th, at 1 p.m. Pacific Time, Morningstar will offer patron training on using Morningstar Investment Research Center.  To sign up, just go to the Help & Education page of Morningstar Investment Research Center.   You will see a link in the lower right corner, under the heading Live Patron Web Training.  Clink on the link, and this will automatically send an e-mail to . 


Morningstar will send out invitations to a Virtual Tour of Morningstar Investment Research Center, which will allow users to learn how to use the database to search for stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  Users will also learn how to evaluate retirement and portfolio holds, get independent analysis reports, helpful articles and industry commentary to make sense of this challenging market.


Morninstar has made available to its users a 22-page document, entitled “How to Manage Your Financial Risk”.  You can addess this document here: