There have been several interesting films released lately and some good films that you might have overlooked – many of them available through your Alameda County Library System.  I asked my co-workers what they had seen recently and got these replies.

Dan Talioaga, Library Page, reports:  I recently saw “Wall-E” from Disney/Pixar on DVD, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The character Wall-E is a trash compactor robot in the future who loves watching an old VHS tape with excerpts from “Hello Dolly!”  So that got me interested in watching “Hello, Dolly!” which ironically our library system only has on VHS.  I ended up buying my own DVD copy  and loved it.

(Alameda County Library System has many copies of “Wall-E” under the call number DVD J WALL-E.  “Hello, Dolly!” is available in VHS format under the call number VID FICTION HELLO.)

 Sue Rodriquez reports:  I recently watched the movie “Keeping Mum.”  It has a wonderful cast including Rowan Atkinson, Kirstin Scott Thomas, Maggie Smith and Patrick Swayze.  It is the story of a somewhat dysfunctional English family and how their life is changed by the arrival of a new housekeeper.  A little black humor makes this movie, as does the phrase “God works in mysterious ways.”  Quirky and a lot of fun.  It came out in 2005, and is rated R, if that matters. 

(“Keeping Mum” can be found by searching for call number DVD FICTION KEEPING.)

 Monica Ten Eyck reports:  I just watched “Paris, je t’aime,” a photographic panorama of the city.  This is a good one for Valentine’s Day, for lovers of Paris, or for those who like short, quirky love stories. 

 (Alameda County Library has several copies of this film; the call number is DVD FICTION PARIS.)


 I myself recently saw the biographical picture “Milk,” about the late San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk.  It was interesting to see how the movie dealt with San Francisco and California politics of the 1970s.   I lived in San Francisco during some of the years covered in this film, and I had my photographs developed at Harvey Milk’s photo shop before he became a supervisor for the City of San Francisco.

(Alameda County Library System has copies of the book, “The Mayor of Castro Street :  the life and times of Harvey Milk” by Randy Shilts, with call number B MILK, H.)