The BUBL information service is an internet link collection tailored for the library and higher education communities, administered by the Centre for Digital Library Research at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.  “BUBL” is short for “Bulletin Board for Libraries”.  The site describes itself as offering “Free user-friendly access to selected internet resources covering all subject areas, with special focus on Library and Information Science”. 

The link is available through the Alameda County website at and scrolling down to the BUBL-link icon near the bottom of the page.  It can also be accessed directly at .

Other features include:

  • An innovative web directory that uses the Dewey Decimal System to classify resources and subjects
  • Does “simple”, “combined”, and “advanced” searches
  • Ability to search a “main subject menu”
  • Enter a search by “country”
  • Catagorize internet resources by “type”
  • Browse thousands of files in BUBL archives