California SunsetGet your bike tuned up and ready to celebrate National Bike Month throughout May. In the Bay Area, tomorrow’s 15th annual Bike to Work Day  will honor bicycling as an alternative way to commute, get around town and reduce your carbon footprint.  Over 200 Energizer Stations will supply refreshments and support along bike routes around the Bay Area.  To find out their locations, go to ttp://

To be eligible to win bike-related prizes, register on and pledge to ride your bike at least once during May. 

For more information about bicycling, check out these resources at the Dublin Library:

Bicycling  – magazine

Cycle World – Young Adult magazine

The bicycling guide to complete bicycle maintenance & repair: for road & mountain bikes by Todd Downs, Rodale, c2005.

Bicycling for fitness by Gus Gedatus, LifeMatters, c2001.