The Friends of the Dublin Library have been a vital component to the development of a fantastic DVD collection at our library. In 2007 the Friends donated 632 DVD’s to the library’s collection and they have not slowed down in their enthusiasm to enhance our collection. Many of the titles they have purchased are new titles, but most of these listed here are replacements for DVD’s that have been sent to DVD retirement. In the past month the Friends purchased the following DVD’s for our library:

Transformers (2 copies)

Night at the Museum (2 copies)

Simpson’s Movie (2 copies)

TMNT (2 copies)

Spiderman 3 (2 copies)

Ratatouille (2 copies)

Shrek the Third (2 copies)

Aquamarine (2 copies)

Last Unicorn (2 copies)

Madagascar (2 copies)

Beautiful Mind (2 copies)

Million Dollar Baby (2 copies)

Crash (1 copy)

Hotel Rwanda (1 copy)

French Connection (2 copies)

Almost Famous (1 copy)

Girl Interrupted (2 copies)

Flags of our Fathers (2 copies)

Gladiator (1 copy)

Walk the Line (2 copies)

Pirates of the Carribean: The curse of the black pearl (2 copies)

Patton (1 copy)

Schindler’s list (1 copy)

Good Shepard (2 copies)

Little Miss Sunshine (1 copy)

Philadelphia (2 copies)

The English Patient (1 copy)

Se7en (1 copy)

Wedding Singer (2 copies)

Runaway Bride (2 copies)

Wimbledon (2 copies)

Patch Adams (3 copies)

French Kiss (2 copies)

Say Anything (2 copies)

Working Girl (2 copies)

For Love of the Game (2 copies)

City of Angels (2 copies)

Don Juan DeMarco(2 copies)

Great Expectations (2 copies)

Bad Boys II (2 copies)

Family Man (2 copies)

Sleeping With the Enemy (4 copies)

Man of the House (4 copies)

Breakfast at Tiffanys (2 copies)

Hitch (2 copies)

Riding in Cars With Boys (2 copies)

The Break Up (2 copies)

Love Actually (2 copies)

Before Sunrise (2 copies)

Unconditional Love (2 copies)

American Wedding (2 copies)

Legally Blonde (2 copies)

Wedding Date (2 copies)

Meet the Fockers (2 copies)

Meet the Parents (2 copies)

America’s Sweethearts (2 copies)

Bewitched (2 copies)

Just Like Heaven (2 copies)

Holiday (3 copies)

Charlotte’s Web (2 copies)

Five People You meet in Heaven (2 copies)

Night at the Museum (4 copies)

Goonies (4 copies)

Black Hawk Down (2 copies)

XXX (3 copies)

Hotel Rwanda (2 copies)

What Women Want (1 copy)

Sideways (2 copies)

In Her Shoes (1 copy)

Zoolander (2 copies)

Why Did I Get Married? (3 copies)

Big Momma’s House (3 copies)

Fools Rush In (2 copies)

All of these titles can be reserved online at or just look for them the next time that you stop by!