On Sunday we have another special Dublin Reads Chautauqua event: storyteller Charlie Chin will be here doing a solo performance as the famous Chinese herbal doctor Yee Fung Cheung.  Charlie Chin

Like so many others, Yee Fung Cheung was lured to California by the discovery of gold. However, after arriving in the gold camps, he found out that his services as an herbal doctor were needed by the Chinese miners.  His original herb shop, Chew Kee Store still exists as a museum in Fiddletown.

Charlie Chin brings Yee Fung Cheung and the Chinese experience during the gold rush to life. Charlie is a musician, historian, author and storyteller who has been in the forefront of Asian American artistic expression since the 70’s.  In 1989, he was named a Community Folklore Scholar by the Smithsonian Insitution. 

Please join us for this fascinating recreation of California history on Sunday, March 2 at 2:00 p.m.  This program is funded by the Dublin Friends of the Library.