It’s that time of year again when Dublin Elementary has its annual read-a-thon.  Every year the kids from Dub El come to the library for a library night of stories, while our Children’s Librarian, Monica TenEyck goes to the school to be a guest reader during the school’s read-in day.  kara-and-monica-post-to-blog.jpgIt’s a great cross pollination since we’re both in the business of encouraging the love of reading.  The *star* of the evening is Dub El Principal, Kara Holthe.  The kids just love her and it’s a real joy to watch how patiently they wait for her and then their response as she reads them favorite stories and poems. Here in this picture little Sierra and Rowan occupy themselves while they wait for the stories to start.Dublin Elementary Read-athon



I don’t often get to be a reader for storytimes, but tonight I  read a brand new picture book suggested by Monica, called The Incredible Book Eating Boy by Oliver Jeffers.  This book is just the ticket to tickle a funny bone and it sure amused the children tonight. It’s about a boy who aims to get smarter by eating books.  “He wasn’t sure at first,” the story goes “and he tried eating a single word, just to test.  Next he tried a whole sentence and then the whole page.”  The artwork of this book is charmingly evocative of collage mixed media with pages of old books forming a backdrop behind the delightful illustrations.  We closed out the evening feeling that quiet satisfaction that comes from knowing the stories we read connected with the kids and they will remember their visit to the public library warmly while looking forward to more books like the ones they heard tonight.  All for the love of reading….