We haven’t posted in awhile so it’s great to be back and wish everyone a belated Happy New Year.  It’s been cold, it’s been rainy,  so why not come down, find a comfy chair and settle in with some of the new magazines the Library is starting to receive. Once a year, usually in late Summer, we review and add new subscriptions.  Those subscriptions start arriving in January.  This year we’ve added over a dozen new titles.  Here’s a sampling of some of them:

Consumer Reports Money Advisor — good timing for this one, given the volatile economic times.  If you are looking for tips on how to cut some corners, this little newsletter might just come in handy.  It started arriving in December and covers investing, retiring, tips for saving money, and taxes.  The cover article in January’s issue is “Unclutter your finances: here’s how to get out from under an avalanche of paperwork.”  Now that’s a topic that is likely to resonate with alot of people!

Cooking with Paula Deen – cooking, decorating, travel and entertaining ideas from that sassy southern cook who readily admits that she has a hard time getting through her Food Network program without savoring the use of butter. The library has several cooking magazines now, including Everyday with Rachael Ray, Bon Appetit, Cooking LightFine Cooking, and Gourmet.  Like Rachael Ray, Paula is wonderfully fun and approachable.

Imbibe –  this one covers beverages: everything from wine, spirits and beer to coffee and tea.  The January issue includes articles on absinthe, 10 things we love about tea, the craft beer movement and the turkish national drink, raki. If you are a connoisseiur of liquids, this one is for you.

PC Gamer – reviews and rates newly released games, previews upcoming games, interviews  software publishers and developers, spotlights trends in the gaming industry.

Scientific American Mind – spotlights breakthroughs in psychology, neuroscience and related fields.  Here you find “the Secret to Raising Smart Kids,” “Psychedelic Healing,” alongside articles like “Do Animals Feel Empathy?”  More approachable for a general audience than Scientific American.

The Library has also started two new newspapers: USA Today and Investors Business Daily. 

Other new magazines to watch for: Mental Floss, described as the place where “knowledge junkies get their fix”; Domino, a guide to living with style for 20-something professionals, Home Theater,  containing product reviews and buyers’ guides for your home theater system, and National Geographic Traveler.  There’s more, so do browse around the periodical area of the Library!