LOL @ your library!  That’s the theme of the 10th annual Teen Read Week (Oct 14 -20, 2007), sponsored by the Young Adult Services Division of the American Library Association. The Dublin Library is joining with thousands of libraries across the country to encourage teens to celebrate this year’s theme “LOL @ your library” by reading humorous books and graphic novels “just for the fun of it”.  Feed your funny bone and check out our display of humorous books in the Teen section of the Library.  Let us know what makes you laugh by answering our Teen Advisory Board’s Question of the Month posted on the bulletin board in the Teen Area.  Check out the nominations for the 2007 Teens’ Top Ten Books at and vote for your favorites during Teen Read Week, October 14 -20. Need some good book suggestions? Check out these for LOL:

Alice I Think by Susan Juby. 15 year old Alice has been homeschooled aliceithink.jpgby her “hippie” parents.  When she starts at a public high school she has a few opinions to share in this diary.

Sunshine Rider: The First Vegetarian Western by Ric Lynden Hardman. I’m already hooked just by the title. Sunshine Rider How could a character in a western possibly be vegetarian?? 17 year old Wylie Jackson leaps at the chance to join a cattle drive but finds himself assigned to the chuck wagon and to keeping an eye on the pesky cattalo (a cross between a buffalo and a cow).  Somewhere in the mix, Wylie turns vegetarian!

 The Adventures of Blue Avenger by Norma Howe. David Schumacher created the comic book hero the Blue Avenger when he was 13. At 16, after the death of his father, he decides to legally Adventures of Blue Avengerchange his name to the Blue Avenger and seriously set about righting the wrongs in the world.

Do you have something to recommend that will have us LOL?? Tell us!