Karin Welss is a local author, long-time Dublin resident and a member of the Friends of Dublin Library.  She writes under the name Michaela August (for works co-authored with Marian Gibbons) and under her own name.  Her latest novel is TWIST OF HONOR, a historical romance.  Other than writing historical romances, karin-welss.jpgworking in the software industry, and volunteering with the Dublin Friends, Karin’s avocation happens to be anime and manga.  Her interest in anime and manga date back to the late ’90s, when she  watched “The Vision of Escaflowne” at a friend’s house and found herself hooked.    She has graciously offered to contribute an occasional column to this blog, reviewing various anime and manga series. Meanwhile, you can find out more about her novels at her website http://www.michaela-august.com.

Karin will be posting her first column in the next few days, so watch for it!