Why, you may ask, is Dublin Mayor Janet Lockhart adorning a rather large poster currently sitting in the rotunda of the Library?  It’s all part of a “peel, stick and win” challenge between the Mayors of Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon to see which city’s residents will bring in the most postcards or magnets covered with those pesky stickers you find on your fruits at the grocery store.  mayor-poster.jpgIt turns out those stickers are a real problem for the wastewater treatment process, clogging up the screen at the Water Recycling Plant.  Whichever city turns in the most postcards covered with stickers — well, that City will be declared the “greenest” city. And the winning mayor gets to supervise the other 2 mayors while they clean the screen that catches those produce stickers and other bits of plastic before the wastewater enters the treatment plant.

 So, Dublin residents, you can help your city win this challenge, by turning in your magnet or postcard covered in produce stickers to the Dublin San Ramon Services District office.  We have postcards here at the Library, if you haven’t gotten yours yet!  Bottom line: those stickers need to go in the trash, not in the garbage disposal or down the toilet!  If you have any questions, call Sue Stephenson, Community Affairs Supervisor for the Dublin San Ramon Services District at (925) 875-2295.